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How to be a Social Media Superstar

Do you spend far too much time trying to promote your business on Social Media – and sometimes feel like you are shouting at the walls?

If so, you might be interested to know that my latest article for the Folksy blog outlines some specific tips on how to tackle this common (and totally addictive) problem!

I talk about:

1) why ‘Less’ is ‘More’

2) which Social Media platforms to choose

3) how I structure my time when conducting my own marketing efforts

I also provide you with a link to download a Social Media Checklist, so that you can start making the most of Social Media straight away.

Click the image below to read the full article. 

Before you disappear though 

When you have finished reading the Folksy article, make sure you click on the link near the bottom that points you towards a free download of a Social Marketing Checklist. The checklist is normally only available to students of the Handmade Horizons Marketing eCourseso make sure you don’t miss out!

(In fact, just to make sure you don’t… you can access it HERE)

 Social Media Superstar Img2

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How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

I’m excited to be announcing the launch of my free training series:

“How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog”

1. If you’re a blogger looking for ways to increase your blog traffic, please take a minute to watch the video below:


Topics covered include:

- How to promote your blog
– How to choose the right keywords to target
– Where to promote your individual blog posts
– How to approach guest posting and getting featured by other bloggers

2. Register to receive my free training series by entering your name and email address into the box below:


Improve Your Website Navigation: 5 questions to ask a stranger…

Improve Website Navigation

not exactly official marketing terminology...

You might know your website navigation like the back of your hand, but that is not to say that someone who is unfamiliar with your site is able to find their way around quite so easily…

The following video outlines 5 key questions to ask somebody who is new to your site, and gives a bit of further detail as to why each question is an important one.

The answers you receive will let you know whether your website navigation passes the test, or else whether it is in need of some improvement.

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What To Put On A Website: Part 2/2

Following up from my last post, What To Put On A Website: Part 1/2, I have taken a look at the blog belonging to one of my readers in order to put together a case study that could highlight what I was saying about every website needing to reflect its owners’ objectives and target audience.

To get up to speed, take a look at my original post on this – What To Put On A Website: Part 1/2 - and then watch the video below that takes a look at www.madebymothereagle.com and makes some recommendations for how she could better be using her blog to meet her objectives and reach her target audience… Continue reading

What To Put On A Website Part 1/2

In my line of work I meet many people who want to know how they can get more visitors to their website; when I take a look into it for them, I see that the question they should actually be asking themself is, “Is my website up to scratch?”. Very often, people excitedly build their website without thinking much about what they should put on the website so that it meets their objectives.

Having a website is NOT the end goal; making it work for you IS!

When you are so close to your own business, it is tricky to be able to spot why it is that your site is not working for you as it should.  A common reason I find is that people do not give consideration to WHO it is they want to attract to their website.

This is a HUGE factor to consider before ploughing into building your site.

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How To Start A Small Business – 5 Tips To Get Your Game Head On

This week I have been interviewed for Craftseller magazine, who were seeking my advice for people wanting to know how to start a small business. I was asked to consider people’s motivation and confidence, as well as the practical side of things… With this in mind, I came up with 5 top tips for helping people to get their game head on.  I hope you find it useful!

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